Window cleaning services

Bills Window Cleaning is a service based company. I am an expert in window cleaning, but I do offer other associated services.

1. Mirror and light fixture cleaning takes the same attention to detail as window cleaning. I have the experience and knowledge to clean your fixtures the right way using the proper materials and techniques. Whether it is a crystal chandelier or outdoor patio lights, I have the experience to do the job right!

2. Gutter cleaning is another service that I offer to my clients.

I understand that most homeowners are not comfortable on ladders. I have formal safety training coupled with experience on ladders to safely perform the job.Clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your home. Whether it is nesting birds or leaves and debris, keeping your gutters clean and free of obstructions is very important. 

3. Shower doors

I have the knowledge and the products to remove most hard water spots and soap scum from your shower doors and tub enclosure.

4. Cleaning Ceiling fans, shutters and blinds I have the ladders and the patience to get these jobs done right!

5. Exterior cleaning. A home or business needs exterior cleaning just like windows. Dirt, pollens, spiders and other debris will accumulate on exterior walls and sidewalks and patios. I can pressure wash your home or business, giving it a “fresher” appearance. This is a perfect complement to getting your windows cleaned.

**The windows should always be cleaned immediately following pressure washing to prevent spotting or hard water deposit build up on windows. How Can We Help You?


Handyman Services

I was asked by a number of my window cleaning customers if I also did Handyman work? They would say, I do such a Great job and should offer that service too. So I listened to them!!

I am not a state licensed general contractor, so I will not accept large jobs costing more than $499.99 in time and materials.

However, I will take on all small jobs which I feel that I am experienced and qualified to do.

1. Painting I will do Interior touch up painting and single room painting along with minor exterior painting jobs.

2. PlumbingI am skilled in most plumbing situations and can repair leaking faucets, toilets and valves. I can clear most clogged drains not requiring a rotor service. You need a water line to your refrigerator? replace garbage disposal, kitchen and Bath faucets, shower heads, sinks? That I can  do.

3. Electrical I can handle most all your minor electrical repairs and installations

that do not require a permit. I can Install ceiling fans and light fixtures, change out plugs,switches,light bulbs and fuses along with minor re-wiring.

4. Garage door repairI have 30 years experience in the trucking industry dealing with and repairing roll up doors in dry van trailers.

Most garage doors use the same parts and are quite similar in design. I can also install garage door openers.

5. Honey do lists If you have a lot of small little fix it jobs to do, make me a list and we can cross them off the list in no time. Change out your furnace filter, smoke detector batteries, organize the garage, fence repairs,some appliance repair,dryer vent clean out, need help on moving day? You name it, no job is too small.......... JUST ASK!!